Little rewards for my usual mess

Okay, I’ll admit it’s pretty cheesy to include your pets in you blog header. But having moved to deepest Africa for love (Anthony), my puppy, cat and dragon (ok, lizard…) are all the family I have here.

Anthony and I created this blog about, what… 3 months ago maybe. Paid for the domain and everything, “keep friends and family updated”, we said “we should write everyday” we said.

Anyway, I thought I would actually grace this blog with a first entry, a first post and a hello to the internet from me and Anthony.

In a blog you write interesting things, and since I do pretty much the same thing at work every day, and leave home at 7 and come home at 19:30, that is going to be a little bit of a challenge. But as if the universe knew today was the day of my blogging debut, 2 interesting things happened.

1. Anthony woke me up at 5am as usual, to give me a kiss before he leaves for Stellenbosch. I love this little consistent moment in the morning, when everything is fresh, just as him and I are; a new day that doesn’t need anything to be said about it just yet, for a second you can just curl up in each other and be unaware of the fact that you possess a full time job.

He leaves, and I ask him to please reset the alarm for me, as he does every morning. Isn’t it the best feeling to wake up tired at 5am, only to be able to turn around and fall asleep again for another 1,5 hours?  Yes I know.

We also all know that when you wake up and the sun light is beaming though your windows and the birds are SCREAMING, and you are no longer unaware of your full time job, sleeping in is not a very nice experience. It is 8:35 and I start work at 9. Living an hours and a half’s bus ride from work, the panic rises in my throat. So what do I do? – Collapse in bed and call Anthony.

-          YOU DID NOT SET MY ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-          What, ja I did? I double checked it even and it was on.

-          YOU DID NOT SET MY ALARM!!!!!!!!

-          Love…. I set your alarm. You changed your alarm tone to that distant waterfall noise, do you think that might have anything to do with it….

-          You did not set my alarm……….

-          Ok babes, give me 5 min and I’ll see if I can organize something. *hangs up*

ARGHHHHHHHH WHY did he not set my alarm…… And then my snooze goes off, for probably the 20th time that morning: a faint, barely noticeable, distant (very distant) waterfall sound comes on. Shit, I now feel like an ass on top of having to be late for work plus not having time to do my makeup or eat breakfast. Phone rings.

-          My dad is going to come pick you up, he will be there in 10 minutes.


-          What? What do I need to ask you, do you have a better plan? Are you going to stay at home or something?

-          No….

-          Were you going to take to bus?

-          No….

-          Ok, so I must call and cancel my dad?

-          …..No…

I amaze myself with my aggravated irrationalism sometimes. I am so lucky to have someone to “organise” something for me, when my own instinct is to collapse in bed. I am so lucky to have a father in “law” who is willing to come pick me up.

When I realized that, I had a pretty good day onward.

As a matter of fact, I got a lot done at work today, be it because of having slept longer than usual, or a little feeling of gratitude in my stomach wanting me to do the best of this day that was so heroically saved by my boyfriend and his father.

2.The annual inflation salary adjustment paid my inbox a visit today to give me a raise. It made me kind of happy + a little guiltier about having been late.

A post has officially been posted, and the timing is pretty good! – Because on Friday Rue is coming! Our little puppy whom we have been waiting for for 10 long weeks… Our little princess that we are going to spoil beyond what the dictionary could ever define spoil as. AND TRUST ME THERE WILL BE BLOGGING ABOUT THAT.

This is little Rue, the actual Rue, not just a picture from Google of the cutest Boston Terrier alive.


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3 thoughts on “Little rewards for my usual mess

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