Today, Anthony had coffee at least twice.

I am not sure if anyone would have noticed, but I have been playing around a little with the design of this blog. Clicking around on these free templates, I feel like such a looser. I used to blog a bit when I was younger and would design everything myself. Apparently this skill is not like riding a bicycle, like I thought.

I quite enjoy writing and taking nice pictures and stuff. I used to have a nice camera but I sold it for quick cash to go to Amsterdam a couple of years ago. I regret it like you wouldn’t believe, it was also one of the shittiest trips I have ever been on. But more about that in a future post, maybe. Ok, just one interesting thing. You see the word “shittiest” I just used? Well I wrote “most shitty” and Word corrected it to shittiest. I find that very interesting. Shittiest? Really Word, really? That is the ridiculousest autocorrect from you I have ever seen, you used to be so proper and guide me to a righteous way of typing.

Anthony got all excited about me writing about him. And I’m like… Well, the blog is called karinandanthony, how would it look if I just wrote about random stuff I wanted to write about? And then I regretted saying that, because even though I was just teasing, Anthony saves my ass very often and I love him ass-much. And he is really, really great.

The plan is for him to write a bit as well, so I asked him to send me something I could publish. But no, he’s got to do law school stuff – but he has time to take a picture. So behold, all you who are reading, for here is Anthony’s picture that he wanted me to use:

 IMG-20140320-WA0001 (3)

Yes, a picture of a coffee cup, with obviously coffee shop-bought coffee, and a fancy leather wallet lying on the side. My boyfriend is the sweetest thing alive. And I am a very sceptical girlfriend.

Anthony sent me this picture over What’s App, and the conversation goes:


-          Picture of coffee for our blog


-          Xxx


-          Aw, hehe, thanks…

-          Why don’t you write a post and email it to me as well?


-          I don’t have time, Im in class the whole day :’(

-          But it’s a cool pic, hey?


-          What, which one? Of the coffee?


-          I think it is….. I like it.


-          HAHAHAHAhahaha

-          Ok.

Yes, I am a witch and I am mean over what’s app sometimes. I actually smiled, he is so cute that man. Wants to help me, sends me a coffee pic. Cute, very cute. 20 minutes later I get another pic:

IMG-20140320-WA0003 (2)


-          That pic.


-          So, did you speak to Mariette today, what’s the plan for tomorrow?

This will tell you quite a lot about Anthony. He is my perfect match. Not any part of him is cynical or sceptical. He is just lovely, intelligent but simple at the same time. That perfect combination that equals a rich life but with less stress about shitty(iest?) things. Myself, I tend to over-analyse things and usually it just gives me a headache and I have paid the price to reach no conclusion.

And oh, just to follow up on yesterday’s oversleeping…. Today I got up at 5am with Anthony, made myself coffee, eggs and then had breakfast in bed and watched an episode of suits. I LOVE SUITS.

Other things I love today:

-          Tomorrow is a public holday.

-          Tomorrow we are picking up Rue at the airport

-          Today is technically Friday.

Other things I love less about today:

-          We are cleaning up the whole house and garden, because Rue is coming.

-          We are cleaning up the whole house and garden, because Rue is coming.

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